Sexual Assault At R Kelly’s Recording Studio

    A woman who was picked up by firefighters just blocks from a Chicago studio that was recently rented by R Kelly is claiming that she was the victim of a vicious sexual assault at R Kelly’s Recording Studio.

    The 31-year-old woman was discovered just a few blocks away from the property as she wandered the street, with the Chicago Sun-Times reporting that she told members of law enforcement she was attacked ‘at what she believed is R Kelly’s studio.’

    It all happened just before 4am, with the victim allegedly being raped by three men and then thrown out a back door, according to the scanner traffic.

    The victim however told police that three men drove her to the studio, but only two sexually assaulted her once inside the building. Police were seen at the property a short time later, which is currently for sale and listed at $3.299 million.

    Kelly was ordered to vacate the premises back in February when a judge learned the singer had been violating his strict order to only use the property from 9 am to 5pm each day. That recording studio was where Kelly allegedly kept some of the women he is accused of abusing over the years.

    It was also seen in the Lifetime docuseries Surviving R Kelly, including one scene that showed the parents of one young woman throwing stones at the building in hopes of getting their daughter’s attention. It was raided back in January by members of the Chicago Fire Department and building inspectors with the city, at which time a curfew was put in place for Kelly.

    The singer was ultimately cited for multiple building code violations, including evidence of individuals living in the non-residential building.

    R Kelly’s Recording Studio

    Prior to that however, a mystery man was seen rolling out boxes and a computer. A team of police later arrived to secure to the area while building inspectors and members of the fire department entered the premises. There were also a number of men who entered prior to that who were not with the city, including one man who claimed to be Kelly’s stepbrother.

    At the same time, Kelly’s landlord claimed he does not have a key to access the property. In the recent Lifetime series Surviving R Kelly, the parents of one of the young women with Kelly were seen throwing rocks at the studio windows trying to get the attention of their daughter.

    When they called Chicago police however, the members of law enforcement were not able to legally enter the property.

    Kelly allegedly demands the women ask his permission before leaving a room, are forced to wear jogging suits in public in order to keep their figures hidden, have their phones taken and are given new ones that are only allowed to be used to contact him or others approved by him, and have to deal with a ‘burly’ SUV driver parked outside his properties.

    If the women break these rules, Kelly ‘punishes them physically and verbally,’ said three former members of his entourage. One of those women, Kitti Jones, recounted a time she angered Kelly by ‘being too friendly’ with a male cashier. ‘I got trapped. I had people telling me I was an idiot. But it took me a long time to realize they were right, and I’m talking now because I hope I can help some of these other girls,’ said Jones.

    McGee added: ‘R. Kelly is the sweetest person you will ever want to meet. But Robert is the devil.’ The victim in the alleged assault on Thursday is in stabilized condition. R Kelly Faces Federal Charges In New York.

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