R Kelly’s Prosecutors Use Birth Certificates

The fed got a plan to nail R.Kelly and it includes bringing out a whole bunch of receipts including birth certificates.

According to Page Six, prosecutors in the Eastern District of New York have filed nearly a decade-worth of documents in their sex case against the singer, including flight records, birth certificates and hotel recipients. One is even from a 2015 stay at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel.

R Kelly's Prosecutors use birth certificates
Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel

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In court records that were recently submitted shows that Kelly and several individuals stayed at the Disney resort for four days, in addition to other getaway places like Connecticut’s Foxwoods Resort Casino and the Planet Hollywood hotel in Las Vegas.

Apparently, the documents also show that prosecutors have travel records for Jane Doe 4 — who was an aspiring singer. In addition to that, conversations between the underaged girl and her friends on social media.

R Kelly’s Prosecutors plan to use the birth certificates, bank records, medical records, Uber records, text messages, concert schedules along with photos, and other evidence in their attempt to prove Kelly had a mission to gather women for sex as leverage.

Kelly is facing federal and state charges across the country for various sex crimes. He has pleaded “not guilty,” and remains behind bars pending trial.