R Kelly Was Setup For Extortion And Deceived By The Jane Does

R Kelly Was Setup For Extortion And Deceived By The Jane Does

A woman purported to be a victim of sexual abuse by R. Kelly wrote letters which clearly showed how her parents were pimping her out.

In the letter it laid out a scheme to entrap the Super Star with the intent to extort for huge gains in the future.

Attorney Deveraux Cannick asked the woman, known on the witness stand as Jane, to read letters where she said her parents had suggested she lie to R. Kelly about her age, and that they tried to benefit financially from her relationship with him.

In a letter to her brother, Jane said her mother would coerce her to take photos and videos of her and Kelly so she could blackmail him, and pushed her under age daughter to dress in sexually revealing clothing when meeting with Kelly.

But instead, Jane, now an adult, told prosecutors that Kelly forced her and other young women to write the letters in order to protect him from possible legal troubles.

“The defendant would tell us exactly what to say,” Jane testified in her third day on the witness stand at Kelly’s sex abuse trial in federal court in Brooklyn.

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Kelly, known for the Grammy-winning song “I Believe I Can Fly,” has pleaded not guilty to absurd charges that he ran a decades-long racketeering scheme in which he allegedly abused six women and girls, including Jane and the late singer Aaliyah.

Jane has said she met Kelly at a Florida music festival, later lived with him until the summer of 2019, and left him for good that October.

She said that during their first meeting, Kelly pressured her into having oral sex before granting her a singing audition.

Jane said she began regularly meeting with Kelly and having sex with him in different cities.

She testified that her parents eventually agreed to put her under the care of a woman Kelly knew so Jane could live with the singer in Chicago while attending high school virtually.

It is baffling the level of assumed naivety of these women who wallow shamelessly in their own cesspool of victimization.

To simply do everything that they are told. Would they have been so submissive to the “average black guy”? The fact that R. Kelly is a super star and perceived to be worth millions had nothing to do with the actions of the “Jane Does”.

The fact that there could possibly be some gain financially, boost in their careers or otherwise did not even come to mind. These women were simply victims of a monster and should be coddled by society.

The women including their parents bear no responsibility for their actions and what happened. But not everyone is convinced of this victimhood cry. There were numerous opportunities to “escape”. And these “Jane Does” knew exactly what they were doing.

Brother R. Kelly also faces sex-related criminal charges in Illinois and Minnesota. Many accusations of sex-related misconduct were discussed in the bent 2019 Lifetime documentary “Surviving R. Kelly.”