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R Kelly Solitary Confinement

R Kelly Removed From Solitary Confinement – R. Kelly’s trial date has been set, as he was removed from solitary confinement to the general population.

R. Kelly got some good news and some bad news today. The R&B legend’s sexual assault trial date was set by a judge for April 27 next year in Chicago.

The news comes a day after he was released from solitary confinement in Windy City’s Metropolitan Correctional Center.

The move means that Kelly will now be a part of the general population inside the prison and may be exposed to getting hurt.

R. Kelly, 52, who appeared in court in an orange jumpsuit flanked by his attorneys, did not speak but managed to nod at his supporters.

The singer’s attorney, Steve Greenberg, said he wasn’t sure if the defense team could be ready for the trial in such a short time.

Perhaps the Kelly will want to hire more attorneys, but his money woes in recent months are well documented.

Page Six reported that the Chicago federal sex-crime case is just one of four trials that R. Kelly, real name Robert Sylvester, will have to prepare for.

He has another case in Brooklyn for racketeering, transporting women and girls for sex and sexual exploitation of children.

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Kelly has another case of aggravated sexual assault charges involving a 17-year-old in Minneapolis, and another similar case in Cook County, Illinois.

The singer’s next court hearing is set for September 18 and another on October 20. If convicted, he faces life in prison for his crimes.