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R. Kelly Sang For Nelson Mandela

December 6, 2013 – Arsenio Hall dedicated his show last night to Nelson Mandela, who died yesterday at 95. During the program, R. Kelly also paid his respects, performing “Soldier’s Heart” and talking about how the South African president had inspired him.

“I sang for Nelson Mandela in his home, out in Africa, during the time when I was doing the [2010] World Cup,” Kelly told Hall. “And I sang a special song for him on his piano.

I’m just blessed to know that I walked in his presence . . . and being around him inspired me to even go further in my life in my walk and my career and everything, man. He’s just an incredible power.”

Kelly also performed the song solo at a piano, wearing sunglasses, while Hall watched from the audience, nodding along as R. Kelly sang about how “he stood on the frontline.”

When he was done, Hall asked Kelly if he remembered Mandela’s reaction to the song. Kelly said, “He just nodded his head, man. He was very happy and very honored, as I was being in his presence.

When I started performing the song on his piano, it was an unbelievable moment for me, man, as it is now.”

Kelly released the song under the title “Front Line” on his 2005 compilation My Diary. He premiered the tune in 2002 under the “Soldier’s Heart” title, according to MTV, and released it as a benefit single in honor of America’s armed forces.