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R. Kelly In Special Housing Unit Request Bond

R. Kelly is now politely asking a judge to let him out of custody from the Special Housing Unit and promising that he will be on his best behavior, including avoiding any interaction with minors.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Kelly is asking the judge to reconsider the decision denying him bond in his federal case out of the Eastern District of Illinois.

The disgraced singer is trying to argue that he is not a flight risk due to his lack of resources, aka he’s broke.

Kelly’s legal team states, “Mr. Kelly no longer has the money or the entourage he once did to help him in his endeavors.”

The R&B star is willing to submit to electronic monitoring and home incarceration. He offers terms that would include no contact with minors and limited access to the Internet, which his team says will, “make it virtually impossible to attempt to contact any witnesses without being caught.”

His lawyer argues, “Mr. Kelly presents no risk of flight. He is a lifelong resident of Illinois. Mr. Kelly never missed a single court date, from 2002 to 2008, on his previous case. The court did not consider that Mr. Kelly appeared for each and every day of his trial and was present when the jury’s verdict was read.”

Kelly is pleading with the judge to set bond and allow him to get out while his case is pending.

The disgraced singer’s lawyer also details the alleged conditions Kelly is enduring while in custody.

He says, “Mr. Kelly is being held in the “Special Housing Unit” or SHU because of who he is, not what he has done. That unit is also known as the “hole.”

They claim “the conditions are harsh. He is always locked up. There is no daily shower, no day room, no television or radio, no contact with other inmates, no recreation, and phone privileges are severely restricted. While others have face-to-face visits, in the Special Housing Unit they are not. He has had to request to terminate his child support obligation and his girlfriends, with whom he lived, will have to move as a result of this incarceration.”

Kelly recently plead not guilty to 18 federal charges relating to charges of child pornography and obstruction of justice. He has been stuck behind bars after a judge denied him bond.

Kelly has been locked up in Chicago’s downtown Metropolitan Correctional Center after he was arrested by Homeland Security agents and NYPD detectives while walking his dog outside of Trump Tower.

The R&B star is facing a maximum prison sentence of 195 years in Chicago for alleged crimes against 10 different victims.