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R Kelly Girlfriends Seeking Positive Image

The women allegedly want the public to have a more positive image of them.

It wasn’t until Lifetime aired their Surviving R. Kelly exposé that the public was aware of R. Kelly’s current accusations against him. People have gossiped for decades about his alleged involvement with seducing and having illicit sexual encounters with underage girls, but the docuseries showcased graphically detailed stories from women who accused the singer of sexual assault and misconduct.

During that time, the world also learned of Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage, two women who say they’re Kelly’s girlfriends. Their families, however, claim that the young women are either being held against their will or have been brainwashed by Kelly. Whatever the truth may be, Clary and Savage are dedicated to sticking by Kelly’s side, even now as he sits in jail on federal charges.

One can’t help but note that these women have been silent and unnoticed for some time because they don’t have much of a social media presence. Yet, since Kelly has been behind bars and his team has reportedly scattered, Clary has been online more often than before.

She’s faced accusations of being Kelly’s slave, and now that he can’t control her, she now has access to the world that she’s never had before. Clary has stated those claims are just not true.

According to TMZ, the world may be seeing more of Clary and Savage as they are currently shopping for Hollywood management and public relations representatives to help shift their image. The outlet states the ladies would like to change the public’s perception of them as well as obtain acting and modeling gigs. There are even rumors that they’re interested in building a business.

A representative for the two reportedly emailed TMZ and wrote that they “just want to get a positive name for themselves rather then the negative rumors their parents have accused them of.” R Kelly’s girlfriends flying to new York to support him.