LifeTime Channel Continues To Exploit Black Men

LifteTime Channel Continues To Exploit Black Men

LifeTime Channel Continues To Exploit Black Men – The first part of the docu-series exposed a sinister side to an artist renowned for turning out R&B and gospel classics.

Music mogul Damon Dash has added his voice to a long list of detractors who have spoken out against singer R Kelly’s predatory behaviour in the second installment of a documentary based on the musician’s alleged sexual abuse against underage girls and women.

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The documentary is set to be released on 3 January and will air over three nights. Each episode is two hours long and is expected to unearth more serious allegations by new victims of statutory rape, sexual assault, predatory behaviour, mental and physical abuse by Kelly, who is currently in federal custody.

The first part of the docuseries went live in January 2019 and saw over a dozen women speak out about the alleged abuse they suffered at the hands of the ‘Pied Pier.’

Kelly’s ex-wife, Andrea also appeared in the series and made serious allegations of emotional abuse, lamenting that her award-winning ex-husband had kept her imprisoned in their home, instructing her to stay in the bedroom and to knock on the door if she needed the bathroom or food. This was corroborated by Sparkle, a singer who partnered with Kelly on several singles.

Sparkle’s niece is understood to be the woman that Kelly had sex with on tape when she was 14-years-old. However, a case that was brought against Kelly of child pornography and underage sex with a minor was struck off the roll due to a lack of evidence as Sparkle’s niece denied she was the girl on the tape.

After the series aired, police in Kelly’s hometown of Chicago announced a decision to re-open cases against him based on new evidence. A VHS tape was found by Gary and Sallie Dennis, former associates of Kelly’s.

They had discovered the tape among a box of tapes and after watching it, were disturbed by the content which allegedly features Kelly performing sex acts on teenage girls.

Kelly was arrested shortly after the tape was submitted. He faces ten accounts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse from four women who were his alleged victims from 1998 until 2018. In addition, he faces new charges of bribing an official to create a fake ID for late R&B singer Aaliyah whom he married when she was 15 and he 27.

The marriage was later annulled with the Romeo Must Die actress’ parents denying that she was ever married to Kelly despite court records proving contrary.

Reaction to part two of Surviving R Kelly has been mixed on social media, with some slamming the Lifetime channel and questioning their intentions in creating a sequel. The channel was criticised for branding the series a hit as if it were a fictional and entertaining drama.