Joycelyn Savage Says Parents Are Gold Diggers

Joycelyn Savage Says Parents Are Gold Diggers

Joycelyn Savage Says Parents Are Gold Diggers – One of R. Kelly‘s girlfriends Joycelyn Savage is supposedly about to spill details on something serious after years of defending her allegedly abusive boyfriend.

According to an Instagram page believed to be her own, the 23-year-old posted a message reading “There’s something I need to reveal, something I’ve should’ve talked about a long time ago. This is my story!” Along with this message, in the caption line Joycelyn writes a simple “I’m sorry.”

The last picture uploaded to the Instagram account was dated July 23, 2017. It shows Joycelyn in an all black outfit taking a picture of herself in the mirror.

It seems we’ll have to wait and find out if more info from Savage will be revealed, especially about her notorious boyfriend and possible brainwasher R. Kelly.

Kelly faces federal sex crime charges in Chicago and New York and they range from kidnapping, to forced labor, to sexual exploitation of a child. In August, Kelly pleaded not guilty to the federal charges.

Savage met Kelly at a concert when she was 19 years old, according to CBS News. Since then, Savage’s parents, Tim and Jonjelyn, believe their daughter has been brainwashed by Kelly and are apart of his alleged sex cult.

They believe Kelly has forced their daughter to cut contact from them for two years. Joycelyn denied all this along with one of Kelly’s other supposed girlfriends Azriel Clary, who met Kelly when she was 17.

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“Our parents are basically out here just to get money,” Savage told Gayle King in a “CBS This Morning” interview back in March. “Well, both our parents, both our parents are basically out here trying to get money and scam, because they didn’t agree on what happened, you know, with music or whatever it could be. And they’re just very upset.”

Both parents deny these claims. “The allegations Mr. Kelly has brought against my family is very horrific,” said Tim Savage. “We are a solid family, we care about our daughter. From day one the only thing we wanted to do was actually to see our daughter, hear from our daughter, and make sure she’s fine.”

Savage and Clary were last seen over Labor Day weekend, riding around Chicago in a 3-wheeler car, according to TMZ. The two ladies are still reportedly in full support of Kelly, even hatching a plan to raise money for his legal funds. The two are also attempting to launch careers in Hollywood according to TMZ.