Fans Are Defending R. Kelly Outside Of NY Courthouse

R. Kelly’s supporters appeared to be stronger than ever as they lined up outside of the singer’s arraignment in Brooklyn.

The singer pleaded not guilty to counts of racketeering, kidnapping, forced labor and sexual exploitation of a child on Friday (Aug 2). The indictment includes alleged incidents in four states: Illinois, Connecticut, California and New York. Three of the five cases involve minors.

Fans Are Defending R. Kelly Outside Of NY Courthouse
R. Kelly Fans Outside Of NY Courthouse

Kelly was denied bail but that didn’t stop fans from showing up at the courthouse. Some arrived in custom t-shirts and others were seen in crowns to commemorate the singer’s so-called “King of R&B” status. The crowns also included the words “justice” bedazzled on them. A 50-year-old woman named Grace wore a “Free R. Kelly” t-shirt with the words, “Unmute R. Kelly” on the back.

Another woman spoke to reporters defending R. Kelly and admitted she would have had relations with the singer in her younger days.

“I don’t believe that I think it’s a bunch of nonsense,” the supporter said. “Why would he need to hold somebody? He’s a good looking man, he’s got sex appeal. I’m pretty sure they all wanted to be with him. If I would have met him when I was a teenager, I would want to be with him.”