Darrel Johnson Backtracks On Controversial Statement

    After stepping down as R. Kelly’s crisis manager, Darrell Johnson wants to clarify his reason for resigning.

    Earlier (July 24), TMZ caught up with Johnson. The former-publicist revealed that he wasn’t fired but had a family emergency to tend to. He explains that one of his family members is on their death bed.

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    “I had some personal issues back at my hometown,” he said. “I decided at this particular time it was best to step away. One of my family members is on their death bed right now and I’m going to go attend to that.”

    Johnson also noted that he would leave his 21-year-old daughter with Kelly despite saying he wouldn’t in his interview with Gayle King. Johnson stated that his words can easily be misconstrued since the interview was not live.

    “It wasn’t live,” Johnson began. “I have nothing against Gayle, CBS, nothing at all. I just think that when you do a taped interview that can be chopped up, and my words [are] my words…I’d pull back if I had to do it again. I would one thousand percent leave my daughter—which this is not what this is about—with Mr. Kelly if I had to leave.”

    On Monday (July 22), during his conversation with King, Johnson said that he wouldn’t leave his daughter with anyone accused of pedophilia. “I would not leave my daughter with anyone that’s accused of being a pedophile. I would not,” he said when asked specifically about Kelly.

    As for Kelly’s current case, he is facing 13 new federal charges including child pornography and obstruction of justice. The 52-year-old singer is looking at a possibility of up to 195 years in prison in Chicago. Read his controversial statement.

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