Azriel Wishes Joycelyn A Good Life

Azriel Wishes Joycelyn A Good Life

Azriel Wishes Joycelyn A Good Life: R. Kelly‘s ex-girlfriends Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage may not be on speaking terms following their brawl, but that doesn’t stop Azriel from missing her. On Thursday, July 23, Azriel took to Instagram Stories to reminisce the fond memories that they shared together last year.

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“wow. your last birthday we spent it together. I remember I lied to you & said I was going to talk to the attorneys but really went down to Michigan to get you as many things as I could in under 1 hour,” she wrote alongside a picture of Joycelyn posing in front of a birthday cake.

“I know we had our differences, but in my heart I will always love you, and I know you gave me tough love but I just wanted you to know your worth,” Azriel said to Joycelyn, who unlike her, is still supporting the disgraced singer. “we went out, dressed up alone & couldn’t even enjoy the night because we felt we were doing something wrong.. sneaky, or disloyal…”

Wishing Joycelyn well, Azriel added, “you deserve to live your life, not in the shadow of someone else’s. Love you! And one day you’ll realize for yourself. Hope you wished for something good.”