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Azriel Claims R Kelly Beat Her Black and Blue

Azriel Claims R Kelly Beat Her Black and Blue: R. Kelly’s ex-girlfriend Azriel Clary claims she is ready to spill the tea about her experience with him in a new YouTube series.

Clary has previously spoken out about her abusive relationship with the disgraced singer, who is currently jailed in Chicago and facing numerous sex crime charges.

In a interview with The Sun earlier this year, she detailed the abuse and how Kelly was violent to several of his live-in girlfriends.

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“I was talking to my friends from high school and he didn’t like that I was still talking to them … he thought that I was keeping things from him. I was just in communication with two of my girlfriends and he made me text them a very long lie, basically saying why I no longer wanted to be friends with them,” she explained.

She says after Kelly forced her to send the text, he beat her with a shoe.

“And then he beat me, he abused me verbally and then he beat me physically. Then he beat me with a shoe — a size 12, Nike Air Force One shoe. And he beat me all over, it felt like hours and I was covered in welts all the way from my neck down.”

Clary also claims Kelly forced her to eat feces on camera.

She now vows to tell “everything” about her time with him. She also called him out in a new freestyle shared on Instagram.

In an introductory video to announce her YouTube series, Clary mentions her therapy sessions and said “a big part of healing is being able to talk.” She added, “I’m going to tell you guys everything that I have experienced, everything that I have seen, everything that I have endured during these last five years.”

She hopes that by sharing her story, she can “bury this” and move on with her life. No word yet on when Azriel will launch the series but said it could be between five to 100 videos long.

“It just depends on how long it takes,” she explained.

Clary, who is 22, first met R. Kelly when she was 17, but after a violent fight with his other girlfriend that was caught on camera, she ended their relationship last year.

In related news, R. Kelly’s request to be released from jail due to coronavirus concerns was recently denied.