Attorney Jennifer Bonjean Files Appeal For R Kelly’s Chicago Conviction

Attorney Jennifer Bonjean Files Appeal For R Kelly's Chicago Conviction

Weeks after a federal judge in Chicago sentenced R. Kelly to an additional year in prison on top of his 30-year term for child pornography and enticement, his defense team have decided to file an appeal.

Jennifer Bonjean, Kelly’s attorney, submitted her notification to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday. This action is not unexpected given that Bonjean announced last month that she intended to challenge Kelly’s convictions on three counts of child pornography and three counts of child enticement.

Her remarks were made shortly after her client was given a 20-year sentence on those charges by U.S. District Judge Harry Leinenweber. But, 19 of those years will run concurrently with a 30-year sentence that Kelly received in a separate case involving racketeering and sex trafficking in New York.

As a result, Kelly’s sentence for the Chicago case will only increase by one year. While Bonjean requested an 11-year concurrent sentence, the prosecution had asked Leinenweber to sentence Kelly to an extra 25 years in prison on top of that New York sentence.

Four women, including Kelly’s own goddaughter, testified at his trial in Chicago that he had molested them while they were children.

The 14-year-old girl who appeared with Kelly in the three different sex tapes revealed to jurors at trial was identified by Kelly’s goddaughter, who testified only as “Jane,” to the jury.

Kelly’s “extreme depravity” in preying on minors was cited by Assistant U.S. Attorney Jeannice Appenteng during sentencing as justification for a sentence that would keep him incarcerated for the rest of his life.

According to her, Kelly exploited Jane as a “sex prop” in the illegal movies, which “permanently recorded her torture” and, after being made public, became a part of the “social record.”

Kelly was allegedly sexually molested as a child, according to Bonjean, and his “horrific” childhood influenced her client’s perspective on “women, sex, and the world.”

In his New York case, Kelly has previously appealed. He is still being detained at the Chicago Metropolitan Correctional Facility.